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SREC's - Solar Renewable energy credits.

Feed power back to the utility grid, (net metering)

In NJ, you can sell your excess solar generated power back to the utility company and get credit for your power. This is called net metering.

Lock in your cost of electricity

The higher the percent of your total electricity needs generated by your solar system, the less affected you will be by constantly rising costs of conventionally generated electric power.

Obtain tax credits and rebates

Tax credits and rebates are available in many states to people and businesses who install solar powered products. See for the latest rebate and tax credit information for your area.

Feed power back to the utility

In many states, you can send your home-generated power back to the utility and get credit for the power you feed into the utility grid.

Gain power independence

Do not allow yourself to be held hostage to the rising energy cost. Buy your energy for the future at a fixed cost today.

No moving parts!

Solar electricity is the only form of energy generation that does not involve any moving part, substantially decreasing maintenance requirements and increasing reliability and long equipment life.

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